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Johnny Borrell recently revealed that Razorlight were now on an official hiatus. In his words, “to give me a chance to concentrate on my solo career”. This is a loose translation used within the music industry to say “concentrate further on my ego”. Part of me was actually quite gutted though. [I’m not a fan of Borrell, I think he’s a dick if I’m being brutally honest] I was gutted because Razorlight have been a constant throughout my indie-appreciating years. Whether you love them or hate them; this got me thinking about the amount of good songs they’ve released. I spoke to Stu…here’s our favourites:

Stu’s (@mojo20_music) picks:

Fall, Fall, Fall

Back To The Start

Los Angeles Waltz

In The City


Rob’s (@robertmsmith) picks:

Somewhere Else

Stumble and Fall

Golden Touch

Before I Fall To Pieces

Burberry Blue Eyes


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