Go With The Quo

Mojo20 was born in late 2009. It was originally intended to be the name for a blues night, that we had were in the process of creating. The name was based around ‘Got My Mojo Working’ by Muddy Waters, and Robert Johnson’s ’32-20 Blues’. The blues night never happened, but what did happen, came after a few beers with Jim Sonic and a gentleman’s agreement. Back to mono 60’s club night had been running since January 2010, and in the July of the same year, we secured a guest slot at the August event. With no DJ experience at all, we spent a lot of time selecting the music and learning exactly what to do, and when the night came around, we pulled off a decent set, and knew we were going to continue this. The very next night the management at Scy approached me and told me about a new 70’s-90’s retro night they had started called Platform and asked if I’d like to try that.

Of course we jumped at the chance and before long we went from doing two-hour sets in the middle of the
night to running the whole thing. Soon enough we became very used to seeing the Mojo20 logo on posters and flyers, as well as seeing all of you filing through the door at Scy, to hear great music and be a part of one of many of the great nights we were involved with.

We had some incredible nights at Scy. Whether it was Back to mono, Platform, GMF, Black Friday or our newest creation Transmission indie night. It even gave us our start in reviewing, blogging and interviewing right here at Mojo20.com. As the name became established, the new music we were playing became content for the site. Due to unforeseen circumstances, out of ours or anybody elses control; Scy was shut down and the nights all came to a screeching halt. But we weren’t going to let this be the end. Lincoln does unfortunately have very limited variety when it comes to nightlife, and since Scy’s closure there has been a massive gap in the market. No venue for music fans, no hang out for indie kids and nowhere to dance for those that like it retro. Therefore the hunt began to find the next cool night club, where we could hold the nights and continue the party.

It wasn’t long at all before the answer came in a relatively new and unknown venue. Quo Vadis, was refurbished and opened under the new name only last November. After a meeting with the management and a good look at the place, it became clear that Quo Vadis could easily take on these nights and the club, still in its early stages could be moulded into the new cool venue to be and the new home for all these people who want more than long queues, extortionate admission prices, fake tan, fighting and v neck t-shirts. For those that want good music. Quo Vadis is the new place to be.

Back to Mono returns on the 6th of July in its old first Saturday of the month slot and Transmission follows two weeks later, in a new third Saturday of the month slot. Both nights will be bringing you everything they did before, but more. With a larger, and much fancier venue, the potential for the nights is very high, but we do need your support, and open-mindedness. Without you, the nights can’t happen. So spread the word, tell your friends, and come down to the club on the 6th and the 20th July and celebrate the return with us. We certainly can’t wait to see you all again and hopefully spot some new faces amongst the crowd!



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