Arcade Fire / Reflektor

It’s not often you come across a band who appear to have no apparent haters. Arcade Fire happen to be one of them though. Either, everyone loves them or the “haters” are just really quiet and don’t get their dislike heard. I think it’s pretty safe to say that everyone loves Wake Up and Rebellion (Lies) and I’m quite confident in predicting that everyone will also love Reflektor; the long awaited new single from the Canadian seven-piece.

Arcade Fire

It’s been two years since we last had the pleasure of hearing a new Arcade Fire material with the release of Suburbs; their third studio album. Since then, they’ve been busy in the studio creating the forth studio album, Reflektor. Title track off the album was released on 9th September and serves as our first introduction to this highly anticipated album. What an introduction it is! The first noticeable thing about Reflektor is that Arcade Fire have gone synth and it sounds brilliant! The 80’s vibe adds a new element to the band and proves that there isn’t a style of music that they can’t learn and master. It’s far from what we’ve become accustomed to heating from the band but there’s enough standard Arcade Fire sounds to keep the hardcore fans happy and I’m rather certain this new track will earn them even more. The accompanying video for the single is creative, kind of creepy (that’s if giant papier mâché heads creep you out?) and above all creative. The video is directed by Anton Corbijn who has worked with many credible artists to create the perfect vision for their songs. These include the likes of Joy Division, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Depeche Mode. As well as this official video, an interactive video was also released which cleverly uses the viewers webcam to feature them in the video. The viewer can then also use either their mouse or mobile phone to manipulate various scenes throughout giving the ability to change the lighting, movement and feel of the arty production. This is a very clever, creative moment within music video production and I believe this could be a glimpse in to the future of music videos. You can find the interactive music video here. The second noticeable thing about Reflektor is… we need more Arcade Fire in our lives. The band are probably one of the best to have come out of Canada in X amount of years. (I’m saying they’re my favourite thing to come out of Canada. Celine Dion, Neil Young; apologies if you’re reading this!) I for one can’t wait for the album to be released and you’ll definitely be finding a review of it on here by myself when it comes out. Until then…go listen to Reflektor and then listen to their past three albums! Oh, and I forgot to mention…David Bowie provides backing vocals for the track. That should be reason alone to listen!

Reflektor (single) is available to purchase now.
Reflektor (LP) is available to purchase 29th October 2014.

Words by Robert Smith (@robertmsmith)


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  1. Amazing song ! Definetly would get the mixtape great job…

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