Peace / World Pleasure

There’s a lot of new music coming out at the moment. Some of it decent like the return of The Black Keys (find our review here!) and some not so decent such as this new track from Peace. I absolutely loved In Love, the debut album by this Birmingham four-piece which included hits such as Wraith, Lovesick and Follow Baby and when I heard they’d released a brand new song last week, I rushed to listen to it. When the six minutes was up, I felt disenchanted and let down. You could say I was a little bit peaced off. (See what I did here?)


How could a band that was last year, at the forefront of the indie-scene get their new direction so wrong? We want more beguiling guitar riffs and evocative lyrics, not Harry Koisser attempting to “rap”. The guys are currently working on their as of yet, unnamed second album and if this single is anything to go by, they might be severely suffering from a case of the difficult second album syndrome. I genuinely hope this isn’t the case and wish for this single to not appear on the album. Arctic Monkeys disappointed with their random single, 2013, yet the album, AM was an unconditional triumph.

Peace have attempted something new in terms of genre; fair play to them. It didn’t work though and after hearing this feeble attempt, I can’t help but envisage John Barnes. Click here if you don’t get that obscure reference.

Words by Robert Smith (@robertmsmith)


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