Thank you for all the fun last month, we plan to pick up just where we left off for our next calling of like-minded music lovers on Saturday 11th July.

As you may or may not know ABOVE BELOW is a monthly exploration through an array of electronic nooks and relative influences. You never quite know what you’ll hear from one song to the next? Indie fused one minute and could then be broken by disco – techno – new wave and the requests of the crowd! But each track played is guaranteed to be a song you love or a new favourite. We just want to dance and this is our place to do that.


The HOUSE of GOOD will be curating the sounds all night, so hold tight for one of the best parties around. No compromises, no gimmicks. Just as much great music as you can get crammed into 5 hours on a Saturday night.


Working alongside Back to Mono and Mojo20 to keep your Saturday nights sweet in Lincoln. Fixing broken Britain with one song at a time.

► FREE ENTRY before 11am // £2 after.

► Happening at Red Five, 16 Guildhall Street, Lincoln.

► Unbeatable drink offers all night if you get thirsty.



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