R.I.P Lemmy Kilmister

On the 28th of December 2015, half way through the Christmas holidays, the news broke that we had lost one of this generations, greatest and most recognised music icons. Lemmy Kilmister had enjoyed an amazing career in the music business that spanned from the mid 1960’s straight through until 2015 and fronted bands such as The Rockin’ Vickers, Hawkwind & of course Motorhead. He was known as the embodiment of rock n roll and was always considered to be a man of excess and indulgence when it came to sex, drugs and alcohol which also meant he always had stories to tell and was often in the news.

At 70 years old it really did seem that much like, fellow rock legend Keith Richards, Lemmy would go on to live forever. Unfortunately we found out that on Boxing day this year he had been diagnosed with an extremely aggressive cancer, and only two days later passed away at his home, with his family. A very sad and shocking time for all that loved the man and his music. Especially shocking for us at Mojo20.com as we’ve recently been in talks with his PR team about an interview. It was a project that I’d personally been working hard on for some months and timing was never on my side. In the interview I wanted to talk about the new Motorhead album, ‘Bad Magic’, his love of legendary punk band The Ramones and his performance at Glastonbury this year as well as loads more. At first it was his geographical positioning that was the problem as I was tossed from one PR girl to the next and eventually I got a response and was advised to get back in touch shortly as it’d be a more convenient time. After my last efforts to re-establish a connection with Lemmy, I’d been once again told that this wasn’t a great time either as he wasn’t getting involved in any “work” commitments right now. For me this was a shame since I never wanted it to be work. If I could have been sat on the next stool to him in his favourite bar I would have been, but moneys tight at this time of year. All we ever look for in our interviews is an opportunity to talk music with another huge music fan, so it was disheartening that it’d been presented in this light. Then after asking if January, prior to the UK tour, would be another good chance at getting to speak to the icon, I received an email, only nine days before his passing, it became clear that he didn’t have any desire to speak and sent back some comments about the questions and why he wasn’t interested in doing it at this time. A response was almost enough to get excited about. To think, that right now Lemmy was talking about me and my questions somewhere in the USA was still a bit of a thrill, even if I hadn’t succeeded at that time. News had already broke that he wasn’t well by now and so I understood fully that he was using his time to relax and recover. It all made sense and I ended my project there, at least for the time being.

As I said, it was only nine days later, on this day that I woke up to find out of his untimely passing and how the world was in mourning at the loss of one of the last great music minds and the one of best performers we may ever see. Facebook and Twitter are awash with mourners and fans giving him their love, most of them music fans, some are just 23 year old girls that can’t believe the owner of that T-shirt brand has died, but regardless he touched a lot of lives and through his music entered a lot of homes. Bless you Lemmy and rest in peace. If there is a Heaven, I still want that fucking interview as soon as I get there too…

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)



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