Join us Saturday 27th February for ABOVE BELOW.
We only promote music, it just so happens to be the best music in Lincoln. Only ever playing the very best new music alongside all the greats that have ever been.
Expect 5 hours of music put together by The HOUSE of GOOD – the one DJ that champions nothing but pure happiness in stereophonic beauty all night long with no exceptions. No other night can claim to take you on a musical trip like we do.

An unrivalled night in terms of music, making the best atmosphere and the happiest crowd all in one place for one night a month only, bringing you closer to how you want to feel.

This is the one time and place where you can hear these sounds in Lincoln. If you want the classics and your favourite anthems then be here. If you want the newest releases and future classics, you’ve got to be here.
You know how bad Lincoln can be on a Saturday, let’s change that.

► Just £2 entry all night.

► At Red Five, 16 Guildhall Street, Lincoln.

► Great drink offers all night.


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