As spring draws nearer, moods are lifting and with an eclectic taste of music this can often mean that musical direction alters to suit the weather. After a blues, soul & jazz packed winter, the electronica genre strikes as an appealing change. Of course with technology being what it is, electronic music is plentiful and varied in style, from your bedroom DJ with dreams of taking over Ibiza to the studio genius who’s grasp on music production and creation is beyond most people’s comprehension. Unsurprisingly, at Mojo20 we favour the latter and here’s our pick for the electronic artists doing it better than anyone, creating interesting, experimental and progressive music that deserves our attention and respect. Take a look, maybe you’ll find your new soundtrack for the spring/summer of 2016:

DadalusName: Daedelus

The eccentric post Victorian gentleman & master of the monome, creating experimental & expressive music whilst spanning the genres to manipulate them into his own unique sound.

From: Los Angeles, USA

Active since: 2001

Record labels: Ninja tune, Plug research, Mush records, Laboratory instinct, Brainfeeder, Alpha pup records, Anticon & Eastern developments

Top tracks: Just briefly from Exquisite corpse (2005) Sundown from Denies the days demise (2006) Fair weather friends from Love to make music (2008) LA Nocturn from Friends of friends volume 1 EP (2009)Admit defeat from Throw a fit EP (2006)

Links: http://www.daedelusmusic.com/




CarlName: Carl Borg

The elusive family man, creating some of the best electronica in the world for over ten years and doing it in style.

From: Stockholm, Sweden

Active since: 2005

Record labels: Hoob jazz, Sonar kollektiv

Top tracks: Second to no one from Splinter body scene (2005) Essa from The Lektor tapes as Stoner + Forss + Borg (2006) Split surface from Split surface EP (2013)

Links: https://myspace.com/carlborgmusic



NosajName: Nosaj Thing             

The master record producer working with the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Kid Cudi & Chance the rapper as well as releasing his own, awesome, material.

From: Los Angeles, USA

Active since: 2006

Record labels: Innovative leisure, Alpha pup, Timetable

Top tracks: Eclipse/blue (feat Kazu Makino) from Home (2013) Heart entire from Views/Octopus EP (2006) Cold stares (feat Chance the rapper & the O’my’s) from Fated (2015)

Links: http://www.nosajthing.com/





Mr.ScruffName: Mr Scruff                  

The genre hopping legend from Macclesfield, becoming everything from a household name to an underground hero with his branding and his music alike, and still doing it as well as anybody ever did.

From: Macclesfield, UK

Active since: 1994

Record labels: Ninja tune, Pleasure music

Top tracks: Get a move on from Keep it unreal (1999) Shelf wobbler from Trouser jazz (2002) Nice up the function (feat Roots Manuva) from Ninja tuna (2008) Where am I? from Friendly bacteria (2014)

Links: http://www.mrscruff.com/





Mono-PolyName: Mono/poly

Bringing a bassier, heavier sound than some, Mono/poly has taken experimental electronic and made it sound as dark yet exciting as it’s ever been.

From: Bakersfield, USA

Active since: 2008

Record labels: Brainfeeder, Rodriguez-Lopez productions, Tasteful licks records, Faces records

Top tracks: Let’s take a trip from Paramatma (2010) Toe Jam from Manifestations EP (2011) Ra rise from Golden skies (2014) Shapeshift from Cryptic (2016)

Links: http://monopolytracks.bandcamp.com/



Honourable favourites: Dimlite, Prefuse 73, Ryan Hemsworth, Stoner, Qrion, Forss, Harold Budd, Jogger, Himalia, RJD2 & loads more you get the idea, just go listen to some music…!

by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)


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