At the time of writing this, I’m sat on my hotel room terrace waiting for 3am to arrive as the transfer for the airport is due. Whilst waiting, I checked out YouTube. Amongst my usual cat video and UFC knockout clip searches, I noticed a new trailer for the upcoming coming of age film, London Town. This isn’t going to be the usual cliché crammed coming of age story though. This one revolves around one of the most recognisable punk bands in history, The Clash.

The film stars Jonathan Rhys Meyers as The Clash frontman Joe Strummer alongside Daniel Huttlestone, Dougray Scott, Tom Hughes, Natascha McElhone, Kerry Howard, Nell Williams and Jeff Leach. The officinal synopsis for the film reads as follows:

Experience the music and energy of the 1970s punk underground. When fifteen-year-old Shay (Daniel Huttlestone) hears the music of The Clash for the first time, it’s a revelation, opening up a new world of social consciousness and anti-establishment defiance beyond anything he’s known in his dead-end London suburb. Drawn into the heart of the city’s burgeoning punk scene, he forges two relationships that will change his life, falling in love with rebellious cool girl Vivian (Nell Williams) and finding an unexpected connection with none other than The Clash’s electrifying frontman, Joe Strummer.

London Town is scheduled for an 11th October release in the UK, a week after hitting US cinemas.


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