Barns Courtney. What a cool fucking name.


Barns Courtney also happens to be incredibly talented. I’ve only known of him for a week, maybe less and discovered him via a YouTube advert. I realised I liked his music because it was the first time I hadn’t hovered over the “Skip this Ad” button and enjoyed the full video for Glitter and Gold. His sound reminds me a lot of George Ezra and we all love a bit of Ezra here at Mojo20. I did a little research on Barns (real name, Barnaby; also a cool as fuck name) and was intrigued that he was born in Ipswich but moved to Seattle when he was 4 (with his family, he wasn’t just a really independent kid) eventually moving back the UK aged 15. He’s fronted bands by the name of SleeperCell & Dive Bella Dive and served as a support act for Carl Barat & Ed Sheeran.

Looking on his Twitter, he is currently supporting Tom Odell. This guy is definitely one to watch and I’ll certainly be keeping an eye out on his Twitter (@BarnsCourtney) for upcoming gigs in the area and also news on his debut album. I advise you do the same but until then, here’s Barns Courtney in action…

And would you believe it…whilst writing this, I have FIFA17 on in the background…turns out he has a track on there as well. What are the chances!

Recommendation by Robert Smith(@robertmsmith)


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