Can you believe that it’s a full forty years since one of the most loved and respected records of all time was released, as it was February 1977 that the world first heard Fleetwood Mac’s masterpiece ‘Rumours‘ was released.

Now I could go on forever here, repeating and carrying in with all the stories and inside scoops from the creation of the album but over the past forty years, they’ve been well documented. From break ups, adultery, divorce, fall outs within the band and tensions running high they managed to transform their feelings and experiences into a collection of legendary tracks that have stood the rest of time on their own, and especially as part of the ‘Rumours‘ package. ‘Dreams‘ was a blatant dig from Stevie Nicks to Lindsey Buckingham and ‘Go Your Own Way‘ was his spiteful response. ‘You Make Loving Fun‘ was a message to a lover from Christie Mcvie, straight past bass player and ex husband John Mcvie who stood out most on the track with his iconic bass line. An uncomfortable and awkward situation once the truths are revealed, but man does it make for some fine music which are still as exciting as ever and can fill dance floors in seconds.

‘Rumours’ was their eleventh studio album under the Fleetwood Mac name, despite line up changes beforehand and still now stands out as their most important work to date, whilst albums like ‘Tango In The Night‘ and ‘Tusk‘ still garner massive levels of respect, ‘Rumours‘ was never outshone.

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)


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