Join us this Saturday night 25th Feb at RED FIVE from 10pm – 3am for ABOVE BELOW, this is where there’s more of the music you love than anywhere else. At our parties the dance floor is always lifted, all night.

One of the best selectors and DJ’s in the city going all night long it’s The HOUSE of GOOD. He’ll be unlocking grooves, smashing tempos and offering life affirming anthems for your enjoyment all night.

This is exactly what the music was made for. What more could you want?

The music policy we carry at ABOVE BELOW is a welcome contrast to the regular nights you associate with a Saturday night out in Lincoln.

Past and future hits from as far and wide as your very own music collection. At just £2 it’s just almost too good too be true.

We want Saturdays to be a cut above the rest without all the nonsense.

The best music always rises to the top, below that is all the music we ignore; this is your Saturday night alternative. There is no in-between, this is ABOVE BELOW.



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