You should know by now but to recap, there’s a ‘Track of the Day‘ announced daily and we are now going to compile them every Friday for your listening pleasure. That and it’s always good to listen to some brilliant music leading in to the weekend.

If you want bragging rights and want to be in the know then follow the Transmission twitter account, @transmissionL where you can see our daily choices before they’re announced here. So, without further ado, here’s Vol.29 of our Songs For The Weekend…

bastilleBastille / Blame – Wild World, 2016

rbfReel Big Fish / Beer – Everything Sucks, 1995

mhMarian Hill / One Time – Live From Philadelphia, 2015

okgoOk Go / Here It Goes Again – Oh No, 2005

2012theenemypr080712The Enemy / Away From Here – We’ll Live And Die In These Towns, 2007

ordinary-boys-press-photo-e1446816987485 Ordinary Boys / Boys Will Be Boys – Brassbound, 2005

the-kooks-giThe Kooks / Naive – Inside In/Inside Out, 2016

Join us next week for Vol.30! And don’t forget it’s Above Below tomorrow!!


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