There’s plenty of things we love here at Mojo20, and one of those is decent, organic, home grown talent. A perfect example of Lincoln’s ever growing, ever impressive music scene is Sean Blakey, who has been doing the rounds on the open mic circuit as well as performing at bars, pubs and venues all over the place, nurturing an already healthy work ethic and ambitious temperament. With an EP on the way as well as a tour starting this May, he’s filmed and released a music video for his track ‘Hold Glances’ which can be found on YouTube and anywhere else that’s good for watching videos and things. It heavily features Lincolnshire in the video which is always a beautiful thing but it’s an accompaniment for one hell of a catchy acoustic number.

I’ve seen Sean perform before and it’s perfectly clear that he has an intense passion for music and playing. His style comes across as a mix between Frank Turner and Billy Bragg with overtones of the early 2000’s pop punk/ska punk movement, which is a cocktail I can certainly get used to. But as I mentioned before it’s the ambitiousness and the initiative that intrigues and impresses me the most and for that alone, never mind the talent, he deserves to go far and do great things. So take a look at the new video and keep your ear to the ground for the upcoming EP and whatever else is set to come.

You can find tons more by Sean Blakey at his Facebook page here, and you can hear a whole lot more from him on his Soundcloud channel, right here.

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)


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