The mighty Kasabian have released brand new music that is reportedly set to feature on their upcoming sixth studio album ‘For Crying Out Loud’. The new track is called ‘You’re In Love With A Psycho’. Now Kasabian often alter and experiment with sound and approach with each album. They’re fantastic for showcasing their range and always endeavour to create something that can be set apart from anything else you’ve heard them do before and I must say, this is the greatest example of that so far.

This funky and upbeat new single is a perfect return for the indie legends and will certainly be getting plenty of radio exposure heading towards the release of the album. It’s a very pop sound, heading slightly away from the edgy UK indie rock we know them for, but hey, this is one song, who knows what else the album will hold. The lyrics, I have to admit, I don’t understand in the slightest. They’re a complete mix up of themes and points that don’t appear to have anything to do with anything. But all in all it’s a great track and I’m excited to see what else they have in store. We all know by now as well, that with Kasabian releases, comes incredible festival headline slots, and with Reading and Leeds already booked, you lucky ticket holders just got luckier. 2014’s ’48:13′ was an absolute masterpiece and after catching them personally in Benicassim and being blown away by tracks like ‘Stevie’ and ‘Eez-eh’ it’ll be great to see what ammo they’re equipping in 2017. Welcome back Kasabian, we’re ready for you.

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)


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