The weekend is just about here and Mojo20 are on hand once again to help you structure the perfect soundtrack, for the perfect weekend. If you follow the Twitter account for our monthly indie night, Transmission then you’ll be no stranger to our ‘#TrackoftheDay‘ announced every morning on Twitter, and we compile them every Friday for your listening pleasure.

Don’t miss the #TrackOfTheDay choices each and every day and go follow the Transmission twitter account, @transmissionL where you can see each track before they’re announced here. So, without further ado, here’s Vol.33 of our Songs For The Weekend…

Laura Marling / Soothing – Semper Femina, 2017

pete-doherty-awiPeter Doherty / Last Of The English Roses – Grace/Wastelands, 2009

thThe Cribs / Mens Needs – Mens Need’s, Women’s Needs, Whatever, 2007

chuck-berry-1Chuck Berry / You Never Can Tell – St Louis To Liverpool, 1964

la-ca-ms-florence-and-the-machine-20150531.jpgFlorence & The Machine / Drumming – Lungs, 2008

thGWF0CGPWSundara Karma / Flame – Youth Is Only Ever Fun In Retrospect, 2016

the_smithsThe Smiths / This Charming Man – The Smiths, 1984

For more music like this don’t miss Vol.34, this time next week, right here on!



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