Big news for the mass of fans this band has gained over the years as The National return with brand new music and it’s everything we’ve come to expect from them, including the fact, it’s brilliant. The new single is called ‘The System Only Dreams In Total Darkness’ and it was unveiled by the band earlier today. Along with this news came the announcement that their seventh studio album and first new record since 2013, ‘Sleep Well Beast’ is due for release at the beginning of September. Not only that, but the band that keeps on giving also announced a bunch of dates for an upcoming UK tour starting just over a week after the release of the new album. Man, what a day for The National. Either way, the new track is a tremendous lead single and makes for a big return. It’s brooding and dark and features those low and slow, Jarvis Cocker-esque vocals by frontman Matt Berninger. Thrown in there also are some sexy yet aggressive guitar licks and the tempo rises throughout the first verse heading towards the chorus, introduced with a hefty drum roll and then the pitch of the vocals gets higher stating “I can’t explain it, any other way” in an almost desperate cry. Of course, the track appears to politically motivated and hell, why would it not be. We all know The National’s stance on the current political climate, and the parties that run free world at this time. Only a month before the upcoming general election, this new single does seem like one last, huge plea for sense and for people to think carefully about the world around us and how corrupt it really is, and how much better it could certainly be. We’re on board with you there guys.

So for fans of The National, or even supporters of the same causes or beliefs it’s an interesting and busy time and they’ve laid plenty out on the table for us to be excited about leading up to September.

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)


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