The world has been waiting patiently, but the wait is over, or has at least been eased as Queens Of The Stone Age have finally released brand new music ahead of their latest studio album ‘Villains’ set for release on August 25th. Teasers have been peaking everybody’s interest since mid June and now the music is beginning to make its presence felt.


‘The Way You Used To Do’ was unveiled earlier today (15th of July) and it’s a swinging, upbeat good time track with undertones of blues and early rock n roll. Fuzzy guitars and a swing beat layer over Josh Homme’s unmistakeable vocals and if it’s intention was to set the tone of what is to be expected from the upcoming seventh LP by the band then it’s going to be one interesting listen. It’s already been announced that Mark Ronson is taking on production duties, which with Homme’s previous works on production for the likes of Arctic Monkeys and Iggy Pop, amongst other projects, it comes as somewhat of a surprise that he wouldn’t be taking the reigns himself, however, we’ve seen before how producer extraordinaire Ronson can bring new life and a fresh, current sound to anybody’s work. You can see this in this track and although QOTSA are well known for their diverse style, ranging from heavy metal to slick alt-pop, but this new tone has all the attributes that QOTSA have always held but with a little added… something. It’s more danceable and at the same time more subtle. It’s sexy but its raw and it’s a fantastic start to what may be about to come.

August 25th… we can’t wait.

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)


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